Inspection solution for global pharma client – support and knowhow included

When one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies needed an inspection solution for their newest production line, they wanted a supplier that they knew would share its knowhow throughout the process and deliver on time. They also needed someone familiar with the strict demands and regulations of the pharma industry to avoid inadequate documentation, inferior testing and insufficient validation. CIM Pharma was the obvious choice.

A standard solution that is anything but standard

CIM Pharma is not the only company out there that makes vision solutions – but many of the solutions on the market only cover the camera part. In Big Pharma, however, it is the software-package integrating the vision equipment that makes or breaks the solution – and CIM Pharma knows that.

Morten Kahr, Project Manager and Vision System Specialist in CIM Pharma, puts it this way: “What really separates the players in this business is the ability to provide clients with the right software suite and tools that meet the regulatory authorities’ requirements. As a standard, our inspection solutions cover much more than the cameras”.

In fact, CIM Pharma’s standard vision solution is anything but standard. It includes:

  • User Management system with integration to corporate domain and AD
  • Trail system that meets audits from regulatory authorities
  • CFR21 part 11 compliance readiness
  • Flexible recipe-based inspections
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Full documentation package
  • Industrial grade vision components

“CIM Pharma delivers expert knowhow, perfect documentation, and fantastic support. They are truly there for their customers, and that makes the whole difference in complex pharma processes.”

Henrik Just
Project Manager, SVM Machines

“CIM Pharma is different from other inspection suppliers because they deliver expert knowhow, perfect documentation, and fantastic support throughout a project. They are truly there for their customers, and that makes the whole difference in complex pharma processes”, says Henrik Just, Project Manager at SVM machinery manufacturer and responsible for the project as a whole.

“Moreover, CIM Pharma showed great flexibility during the design and commissioning phase and made us feel like they were a collaborator rather than a supplier”.

Do you want to know how CIM Pharma can help create an all-included inspection solution for you that is fully CFR21 part 11 ready? Get in touch with Sales Manager, Mick Pelby and find out more.

Mick Pelby

CIM Pharma delivers plug-and-play technology for serialization and inspection in pharmaceutical production. We are born out of the software industry and create solutions that are compatible with any pre-existing system.
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