Retrofit solution

It’s not too late – retrofit solutions ensure business continuity and compliance to regulations.

Stevanato Group is a globally renowned specialist machinery manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s job is to make sure that its customers have efficient machinery that lives up to the industry’s strict standards. Lately, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been increasingly focused on being ready to comply with global serialization regulations – and while it is too late in many countries to build new manufacturing equipment before the new standard becomes effective, Stevanato Group offers a great alternative.

“With CIM Pharma’s serialization and inspection software, we offer our customers a globally compliant and fully CFR21 part 11-ready solution”, says Henrik Just, Project Manager and responsible for serialization at Stevanato Group. “We offer to retrofit existing production lines with the right serialization and inspection equipment. And while it hasn’t been easy to find a supplier who understands the particular challenges of retrofitting, CIM Pharma rose to the challenge perfectly. Software is at the core of CIM Pharma’s business, and they took on the task of developing a standardized retrofit solution with impressive skill and drive”.

Integration is the key to success

It can be quite the task to retrofit existing production lines to make sure their serialization and inspection solution is adequate. Mostly because it entails integrating new software with the machine control software on the existing line as well as higher ERP and serialization systems on site or within the cloud. A solid retrofit solution also ensures storage of relevant production data and provides a single HMI for the operator to ensure high usability and minimal effect on OEE.

Stevanato Group found a solution for all of these challenges with CIM Pharma. CIM Pharma thus supplies both the necessary inspection solution for guaranteed tamper evident labelling and unique 2D product identification, as well as the software needed for the complicated serialization process.

Make it holistic

Michel Seidelin is CEO of CIM Pharma, and his advice is simple: “I highly recommend choosing an inspection and serialization partner who understands that inspection is not just about cameras, and serialization is not just about what happens on the packaging line. Both fields require a holistic and deep understanding of the processes that surround them. And CIM Pharma has a proven track record in that area”, he says.

“With CIM Pharma’s serialization and inspection software, we offer our customers a globally compliant and fully CFR21 part 11-ready solution.”

Henrik Just
Project Manager and responsible for serialisation at Stevanato Group

Make it easy to use

Another key issue is to make the HMI simple to use for the operator. Most pharmaceutical companies have different suppliers for machine control, serialization and inspection, but CIM Pharma is able to integrate all data into one HMI, thereby reducing complexity, errors, and time needed for operator training.

“Competing solutions on the market today typically have separate monitors for the machine control, the vision system, the printer, and the serialization system. That means four different interfaces from four different suppliers. With CIM Pharma’s solution, we have gathered all information in one interface on only one screen. The intuitive interface means less mistakes and a higher OEE”, Henrik Just concludes.

Do you want CIM Pharma’s thoughts on your retrofit challenges? Contact Sales Director Anders Meister and we will happily assist you.

Anders Meister

CIM Pharma delivers plug-and-play technology for serialization and inspection in pharmaceutical production. We are born out of the software industry and create solutions that are compatible with any pre-existing system.
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