In-Line Print

Integrate printing into your production line for reduced batch change-over-time, maximum flexibility, and improved quality control

Label challenges today

The traditional approach to label printing, leaves pharmaceutical producers with three major challenges:

  • Large stocks of labels are needed because dynamic data is pre-printed at the vendor and differs from country to country. Stocks are vulnerable and can become obsolete if graphic design or other pre-printed content is changed
  • Batch change over time is time demanding
  • Labels are spot checked instead of continuously inspected, leaving room for errors

In-Line printing: Everything printed on the production line

With in-line printing, all printing takes place on the production line. Data is fed into the printer from a label artwork database and a batch information database. That means the complete label content – both the static and dynamic data – is printed at once and each label can be inspected individually. The result is a number of concrete benefits:

  • Full label inspection of every label
  • Maximum flexibility
  • No or little batch change over time
  • Minimal Line Clearance
  • Minimal time for Line Validation
  • Improved OEE

Our plug-and-play solution for in-line printing

CIM pharma offers a fully tested plug-and-play solution for in-line printing that ensures complete compliance with all regulations. Our software is built on standard validated technology and includes the CIM pharma products you already know:

  • S3 for serialization, and tight integration with machine control, printer and vision
  • SPECTS for vision inspection
  • TRACKS for Audit Trail and User Management

Multiple inspections available

We offer a range of different inspections and can customize inspection algorithms without changing the software core. Inspection options include:

  • Color inspection with high-resolution using a 3-CCD true color camera and Grayscale inspection using a Grayscale Camera
  • 2D barcode – unique identity
  • OCV/OCR – Dynamic Text recognition
  • Defect Analysis – Static non-machine-readable text
  • Print quality of text, logos and graphics
  • Blocked nozzles detection
CIM Pharma delivers plug-and-play technology for serialization and inspection in pharmaceutical production. We are born out of the software industry and create solutions that are compatible with any pre-existing system.
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