Holistic inspection solutions that include camera and complete software-package

CIM SPECTS: Camera and software in one package

Inspection is at the heart of production in the pharma industry, and inspection solutions must be able to integrate with a variety of systems to deliver optimal performance. Our inspection solution is called CIM SPECTS and it works with any pre-existing system and can be customized for any purpose.

We include everything

CIM SPECTS seamlessly integrates software and hardware and minimizes the risk of downtime.

CIM SPECTS solutions includes:

  • User Management system with integration to corporate domain and AD
  • Trail system that meets audits from regulatory authorities
  • CFR21 part 11 compliance readiness
  • Flexible recipe-based inspections
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Full documentation package
  • Industrial grade vision components

Pharma assembly and packing stations

We support all types of assembly and packing stations in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Mix-up test
  • Device inspection
  • Label Inspection (e.g. shipper box label)
  • Label on Device inspection
  • Aggregation station
  • Tamper Evident inspection

Download Inspection PDF

Get a full overview of CIM Pharma’s inspection solution. Download the PDF here.

CIM Pharma delivers plug-and-play technology for serialization and inspection in pharmaceutical production. We are born out of the software industry and create solutions that are compatible with any pre-existing system.
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